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Behind the wheels? Go Electric!

Tesla model S P85D


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Tesla Model S P85D is surprisingly fast and easy to drive. Tesla claims that it reaches 60 Mph. in 3.2 seconds with a battery driven motor, delivering 691 HP. Power delivery is immediate and it feels like a sports car in the lowest gear revving at the torque peak all the time. Put it simple – it is shockingly fast! Frankly it is difficult to find a traditional car capable of this, especially if you consider that you have space for four friends with luggage and a range of 250 miles if the battery is fully charged. Regarding Tesla, it should be noticed, that if you are keen on an SUV you should wait for the all-new Tesla Model X just released.





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BMW has always been known for their delivery of a unique driving experience. With the I series they are taking this to the next level. The BMW I3 expresses prestige, futurism and environmental consciousness. With its stubby design and its revolutionary carbon-fiber/aluminium structure it is perfect for driving in the city. Zero emission, a total range of 81 miles, agile driving experience due to its low center of gravity, and then most importantly 170 HP and acceleration to 60 mph in 6,5 seconds. If you are anxious about the range, an optional range extending gas engine is offered providing you with a total range of 150 miles.





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A car that cannot go unnoticed is the BMW I8 plug in hybrid. With its swan-wing doors and a supercar attitude it is inevitably a revolutionary car. This car will make every man comfortable and differentiated from the mass. Leave all the mainstream 911s, Bentleys and Maseratis alone and feel dapper in this futuristic car providing you with 357 HP and an astonishing acceleration from 0-60 Mph in 3,6 seconds. The BMW I8 seats four in interior rarely seen in any other car. It is a plug in hybrid composed of a three-cylinder turbo charged engine that teams up with electric motors giving you a driving experience as expected from a BMW – 50/50 weight, agile handling and incredibly sharp steering and last but not least all with a laughing fuel economy of less than 30 mpg.


Take part in the new realm of personal transportation and start talking electric cars!