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Are you better than fashion?

For some people, the world of fashion is something exclusive and out of touch with reality, yet every day we all put on clothes, meaning we are part of the fashion industry. In part, this is the fault of the fashion industry that sometimes wants to come across as an exclusive little VIP club for only a select few people.  This has made some people and most often men look upon fashion as something that they don’t want to part of, a disdain for beautiful clothes and often an attitude of I’m better than fashion, kind of thing. However the irony is that when you do this you still use fashion to express this attitude.


This is so far from the reality that we want to create at Dappad. At Dappad we want to make fashion or really style, as style is eternal and fashion goes in and out of style, to be attainable, inclusive and joyful, with a touch of aspiration, cause its always nice to aspire to something. Just like most of us enjoy a beautiful interior or architecture we can all get joy from a beautifully designed piece of clothing. There’s really no difference, it’s design and aesthetics. We love to travel to beautiful places because we see ourselves there, and this is the same thing with clothing and style, we can travel and become a person we want to be and want to be perceived as, by the clothes that we wear.



We have men such as Mark Zuckerberg that only wear the same grey T-shirt and jeans every day so that they don’t need to make decisions every day. But to just have a nice white shirt and a great chino really don’t make life that much more complicated?, so what’s going on, on a deeper level when you choose to do this? Now we’re all for a capsule wardrobe, but this is taking it one step too far. Is it guilt that you have made so much money and just want to be one of the guys.  However that’s not really natural as both I and Anabel believe that we all humans love beauty and are drawn to it in what ever shape or form it takes, be it a shirt, a painting or a beautifully decorated room. But then fashion is associated with materialistic frivolousness rather than a beautifully designed piece that someone creative with a vision has created compared to maybe a car that someone built and designed.


In part it’s the fashion and retail industry that’s responsible for this due to the image and campaigns it puts out. But it’s changing and we hope to be part of the change. Beautiful and beautifully made clothing is just as important as a beautifully designed room. You should never be shamed for buying and loving a beautiful piece that speaks to you.  If we understand what clothes can do for us we can all enjoy them.

What do you think?

All the love from Erika and Anabel at the Psychology of Fashion

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