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7 ways to beat the winter blues.

Of course a trip to the Caribbean could do it, but what can we do in our every day lives that make every day just that little bit better?

Day light

During the days when the sun isn’t up that much it’s so crazy important to get some day light.  One easy way, when you have your lunch hour do leave the desk and go for a little walk outside. It makes huge a difference to your well being.

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Take Vitamin D

In the Northern hemisphere where we live it’s literally impossible to get enough Vitamin D by the little sun light that we get, and nutritionists and doctors say we need to take a Vitamin D supplement to keep our mood and immune system up during the dark period.



The first hour of the day is crucial for the rest of the day

There’s some crazy statistic that say that 86% of the population that has a smart phone start their day checking either emails, social media or text messages. This instantly puts us in reactive mode and we forget about ourselves and what we would like to achieve. Instead take 10 minutes to meditate, set an intention for the day and spend 3 minutes writing what you want to achieve that day.  This will radically change how you interact during the day and always say to yourself the important things get done, the rest can wait.


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Dress how you would like to feel not how you feel

As we know how you dress impacts your well being just like your surroundings do – so make sure that what you put on make you feel your best. If you need a new outfit to beat the winter blues just let us know!


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Physical activity – Every day

This may seem like a lot but really it can be enough with a 30 minute walk. Jump off before your station or walk to a station further away where you live or use your lunch break to do a physical activity that you like, schedule it like you would a work meeting, or when you have a meeting go for a walk.


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Eat as many plants in the colour of the rainbow as you can.

Plants give you life and strength just like their vibrant colours, and during the cold months load up on ginger and turmeric – so delicious to put in a juice.


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Nothing shifts your perception as counting your blessings. Every morning and evening right down 3-5 things that you are grateful for, you’ll see it will work wonders. Going to sleep, feeling grateful will make you sleep so much better rather than fretting over if you sent that last e-mail.


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