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How a Capsule Wardrobe can impact your life

We recently came across Joshua Becker,  the founder of becoming a minimalist and author of “Simplify and the More of Less”. Joshua tends to wear almost the same thing every day, and even though we think that this may be one step too far, after all clothes is joy, we do think that finding the styles that suit you and then stick to them makes sense, and to build a minimalist wardrobe to free up space and mind.  Joshua lists 4 reasons why, and we tend to agree with them. Here is our take on them.


  1. Reduce decision fatigue.

Every day an average human make around 35,000 conscious decisions. My god that is a lot? and we cannot escape them. Too many options can drain us and decisions with larger consequences take more of our energy, too. Even though it might seem small, adopting a more universal, uniform outfit might provide you with greater decision-making power for the rest of the day.



  1. Recognize what looks good on you, repeat.

Since Joshua adopted a minimalist lifestyle he has been looking for basics that work across situations. This is really what Dappad is all about, our clothes transcend from one situation to another and by changing one part of your outfit you can completely change the look and the occasion that it’s suitable for.  Joshua says that finding your “look” can take time, but realizing what you feel confident and comfortable in is empowering.


  1. Minimize your wardrobe.

Minimalism is about focusing on what matters most, while ridding the rest. It quickly applies across situations; especially, for clothing. When you have a minimalist closet it keeps neat and it’s easy and effortless to find things to wear.


  1. Embrace forever fashion.

Joshua says he values the quality of friendships more than anything, quality over quantity any day. By adopting this same mentality for clothing, you can evaluate what articles are most important to you. Similarly, when you go to buy new items, imagine its place in your closet years from now. Will you still want it? Trendiness is challenging to chase, and provides an infinite opportunity for spending. Instead, focus on quality goods that can last years.



If you want more from Joshua here is his site.