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4 fail safe tips to get the short look going

As the warm weather is here now I thought it was the right time to write a piece on the 4 ways to get it right in the shorts game.

What shorts to pick?

Unless you’re about to go for a run or any other sports activity nylon is a No.  Choose a pair in cotton that has some structure to it so that you look more dressed.  A short shouldn’t be too tight hugging the thigh, yet it should ideally be slightly tapered so that where the leg narrows so does the short.  Go for this and you got all bases covered.


What shoes go with shorts?

A smart pair of trainers is always a good idea. This will make you feel and look comfortable, the trainers should ideally not be your muddy running trainers:)  An Espadrilles is of course also a really nice look and perfect for the warmer days. An espadrille also don’t require socks. If you want to have a smarter shoe then make sure it’s a moccasin of a sort like a super soft and casual loafer. Smart leather shoes such as an Oxford with a short is a NO.

Photo Credit Johannes Hueble Instagram

What about socks?

Unless you’re about to go out for some sports, socks that appear above the shoe lid is more often than not a no. The exception is if you can really jazz it up to something playful, but to be on the safe side I’d recommend no socks. Choose socks that finish at your ankle and are invisible to the eye when the shoes are on.

What tops go with shorts?

I have to say l love a man in shorts and a relaxed shirt with the sleeves rolled up, really nothing better! For the short choose a shirt in a relaxed fabric not a starched business shirt, linen is also a great hit with shorts. And apart from shirts, T-shirts polos and C neck jumpers in a relaxed style will also do the trick.

Photo Credit Luis D Ortiz Instagram

Enjoy! I hope you’re loving the warm weather.