Dappad - COVID 19 and the Trussell Trust. - Dappad

Dappad – COVID 19 and the Trussell Trust.

Dappad  – COVID 19 – We are here and helping the Trussell Trust.

First of all, we all hope that you are doing well despite the uncertain world that we are living in.  If ever we had any doubt of our connectedness, it has definitely been proven now.  The action of one single individual has a ripple effect on each and every one of us.

At Dappad we are lucky in the sense that we are an online business and we are also such a small team and we can work from home unless we pack boxes, but that only requires one person to be in. We are also fortunate that even if schools close we can bring our children to the office and make it work.

So we hope to help you all in these times with keeping your wardrobes up to date and making you feel good in your clothes, as we know they have a big impact on your well being. Even if you work from home, try and maybe put on a nice pair of jeans and jumper now and then, it will make you feel a bit more switched on. If you choose loungewear we have some great looking sweatshirts along with sweatpants for when you just want to be comfortable.

And to help the community and less fortunate people during this time we will donate 10% of proceeds to the Trussell Trust that are helping with foodbanks. Foodbanks will experience  increased pressure during these times.


We thank you for your support  – we are all in this together