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Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe

No this isn’t one of those wear this, this spring, it is the must have item for this season, kind of email. Selling a piece of clothing that then get binned after a few months and you buy a new must have item. As you know that’s not what Dappad is about, not the latest crazy trends but timeless yet current wardrobe staple pieces. So what you buy this spring will look great next spring as well and all the seasons in between, with the exception for maybe shorts in the middle of January:) Even though we have the worst snow of this year today, we are the 1st of March tomorrow and spring is coming, so let’s look forward to some warmer weathers. This is our take on your capsule spring wardrobe update. Enjoy.


Light Trousers

A pair of lighter coloured chinos or trousers, a light beige is of course always a good idea and we also love dusty blue tones that gives a bit of light and contrast to the navy. A pair like this will work both at the office, but also during the weekend and out and about.


2 shirts.  An office and a casual one. 

Get one fresh white or light blue business shirt, there is nothing better then a fresh crisp shirt to wear at the office. A white shirt isn’t just a white shirt, and if there is ever a time to make sure you get the best one, it is the white shirt. A casual button down one. For your days off, in a soft cotton that reminds you that you are not in the office today.


A knit. 

A light knit for those days when layering is just about right and a jacket is too much.


A T-shirt. 

A T-shirt. A high quality T-shirt that will look great with both trousers and serve you again and again.


A polo.

For the days when a shirt is too much, but a T-shirt is too little. You get it.


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