15% off on all orders during the corona lockdown. - Dappad

15% off on all orders during the corona lockdown.

15% off on all orders during the corona lockdown. This discount is of course extended to all our subscription clients too for the next round of boxes.



Casual wear to wear at home that is comfortable yet still make you feel like a human;)


In times like these, it’s easy to not only live like a hermit but also becoming one but if ever it’s important to look after yourself it’s now. Eating healthy, exercising even if it’s in your house, taking showers and of course putting some decent clothes on, will make you feel like life isn’t too bad. Looking good and feeling comfortable is so important for our souls, and in times like this, the Dappad box is probably the best way to buy clothes at the moment.  We can’t forget either that there will be a time after this when we can go out and enjoy our lives, even though at the moment it may not feel like it. There’s hope, spring is here and soon summer will and with that better times.


In case you’re worried about the spreading of the virus, we are using gloves when dealing with products. We are also sanitising before and after every item, disinfecting the handle of the box and of course washing our hands frequently. Only one person at a time is in the office packing the boxes.


As Queen said.. The show must go on!


Stay safe, happy and stylish