A new shopping experience
for the modern man.

Our stylists select clothing for your specific needs and send
them straight to your door - leaving you time for everything else.

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When you register and start shopping with Dappad you have the luxury of avoiding the shops
or getting lost amongst a myriad of shopping sites.


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Fill out our brief questionnaire and get matched with your own personal stylist. (Average time 180 seconds)


Stylist selects clothing

Based on your answers your stylist selects your clothes. Each box is a unique clothing edit just for you. You will always have a conversation with your stylist before any selection is made.


Receive Clothing

Your box of clothes is delivered to your office or home within 7 working days. We pick up any items you decide not to keep for no extra charge.

Your personal stylist

“Why is conventional clothes shopping so hard?
The choice is confusing and it takes up too much time”.

We use stylists to make the tricky decisions about the best colour, fabric, cut and the style of your sweaters, jeans, shirts, coats and shoes to suit you. All the possible clothes you could wear are filtered through our stylist’s expert eyes and knowledge.

Get in touch

Every box is unique

Taking the lead from you, your stylist personally selects your clothing. As you build your relationship they will further refine your orders, making your wardrobe even more integrated and easy to wear. 
We send a new box only when you order. This is not a subscription service.

Dappad Clothing

We carry a wide range of premium clothes found in upmarket department stores.

Your clothes: selected

The highest quality clothes and hard-to-find labels. We cover everything from weekend casusalwear to smart work gear.

Our Brands

We carry a proud selection of contemporary and luxury brands - here are some of our favourites. We are adding new ones all the time.

Try on at home

Your clothes are delivered directly to you. Try them on at your leisure and for free.

We never take payment until you are satisfied with the clothes selection from your stylist. You have 10 days to decide what you wish to keep.

Our pricing

Our clothes are priced to match those in stores, no additional charges. You have free delivery and pick up service for any clothes you don’t wish to buy and, most importantly, the editing services of your own stylist.


Price range:

80-150 GBP


Price range:

80-200 GBP


Price range:

30-80 GBP


Price range:

135-200 GBP


Price range:

150-500 GBP


Price range:

80-140 GBP


Price range:

80-200 GBP


Price range:

150-450 GBP

Delivery and
pick up is free of charge


Hassle free deliveries and returns.
Your box will normally be with you within 7 days after your initial request.

We pick up

Returns couldn't be simpler. Send us an email within 10 days of your Dappad box delivery and we schedule a day to pick up
up your box from your preferred location.