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A personal styling service for men only. Joining takes only 3 minutes and from then on your stylist is at your beck and call.

Delivering hand picked premium and Scandinavian inspired style from independent brands and designers directly to your door.

Join the club and get the joy of dressing well with Zero effort.


Service is free of charge.


Free shipping. Both ways.


Pay only for what you keep.

What to expect

James' Box

James is a Cambridge based marketing director for an advertising company. He dresses smart for meetings with clients but does not wear a suit. James favours smart casual styles and slim fitted clothes.
- Erika, Head Stylist

Luke’s Box

Luke is a lawyer in the City and has a fairly conservative dress code. He wears a suit, a shirt and a tie almost every day. He wanted to add more modern pieces to his traditional wardrobe. I have selected a slim fit suit for Luke. The modern silhouette is a great alternative to traditional suiting.

- Erika, Head Stylist

Chris’ Box

Chris asked me to send him a box for his Caribbean holiday. He likes to travel light. I have packed smart swimwear that can double as shorts and made sure that all the items can be mixed and matched to guarantee a truly relaxing holiday.

- Erika, Head Stylist

Daniel’s Box

Daniel works for a global collective that builds brands, artists and projects for a new age in culture. He is a creative guy and likes the clothes to reflect his personality - with a touch of rock & roll. I know that he will really appreciate the black skinny jeans and Chelsea boots!

- Erika, Head Stylist

Eric’s Box

Eric works for a life science company. He travels a lot for his job. Eric’s clothes need to work from day to night. He likes the feeling of comfort without compromising on the fit and style. He will surely achieve this with the unconstructed blazer that I have added to his selection.

- Erika, Head Stylist

Mike’s Box

Mike is a hedge fund manager. He wears shirts and smart casual trousers for work. At the weekends he goes for comfort and does not like anything too dandy nor trendy, which is why I put washed blue jeans and casual polo shirts in the box.

- Erika, Head Stylist


Your very own personal stylist - totally free of charge.

You only pay for the clothes that you keep. Priced the same as in stores, No Add ons. 

Our service is completely free to use and we even pay for shipping both ways. We sell all our clothes at the recommended retail price, meaning the same price you get in normal stores, no add ons. However we do not price match as our service is pretty awesome and we want to keep it awesome. We think that’s a good deal for both of us.

The Dappad price range:

Jeans £110-225
T-shirts £45-120
Shirts £80-150
Jumpers £90-200
Trousers £100-250
Leather shoes £250-600
Trainers £100-200
Jackets £100-450
Suits £450-700
Once a budget has been agreed with your stylist we reserve 50% off the value of the clothes the first time that we send you a box. After the first box no reserved amount is needed.

In the press

Named one of the 10 coolest things in the world right now by GQ.

It may feel like a leap of faith to put your shopping in someone else’s hands, but when they’re hands as safe as these, what really do you have to lose ?


Just had a quick whizz through the box. Very impressive. Seriously. I don't dislike anything at all. Very cool.

How to Spend IT - Financial Times

I am surprised about how well this worked out. I have staple pieces that will serve me for a long time from brands that were new to me. 

City AM

The pieces fit so well I wonder if Erika has secretly snuck in to my wardrobe! Every man deserves a stylist. 

Fabric Luxury London Living

Time is your most precious asset - don’t waste it shopping - let Dappad do it for you.  

The City Magazine

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